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Have you always wanted to learn to paint better whether with a brush or a palette knife?

Or maybe you’re already a painter who’s looking to take your painting to the next level?

Perhaps you’re interested adding value, mixing colors, getting great composition, color theory, or brush strokes with a brush and a palette knife.

Either way, PaintingWithAPaletteKnife.com is the answer! Welcome – we’re glad to have you!
Here is a small video about me and life as an artist who paints with a palette knife. The video is my main video that I have
for my Youtube channel. So if you haven’t already seen it, click play and you will get a snippet of why I paint with a palette knife and why I use acrylic paint for all my paintings.

Ready to take your painting skills to the next level? One of the most common challenges with painting with a palette knife is painting looser and adding value.


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Painting With A Palette Knife

PaintingWithAPaletteKnife.com offers everything you need to learn on how to paint with a palette knife as well as a brush using acrylic paint. Everyone, from beginners to advanced artists, will find helpful resources to improve their painting skills.

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